Alternative energy production by advancing and developing

of innovative DSS technology

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Dynamic Solar Systems AG

„As an independent manufacturer of solar cells we make our significant contribution by supplying emerging markets with sustainable energy.



We are focused on sustainability, efficiency & technology

We do not think straight-lined

The flexible DSS cells can be bent over 90 degrees in every direction and even adapt well on corrugated underlying surfaces.

The company

The busines model

The Dynamic Solar Systems AG offers the independent production and distribution of innovative solar modules in classical and in new markets which have been technically unreachable. The versatility of the DSS solar cells has opened up unrivalled markets which could neither be technically nor economically served by the classical solar industry.

And, all unused surfaces will soon become energy sources.

Marketing and cooperation Partners

The Dynamic Solar Systems AG acts as a partner for its customers and supports the development of product innovations through the integration of the DSS solar solutions.

The DSS partners are companies having products that, in combination with the DSS technology, allow energy to be produced for the first time or that would like to optimise their previous energy production. The unique features of the DSS technology guarantee unrivalled earnings models and competitive advantages for providers of surface area and their customers.

Fully printed

The printed inorganic thin-film solar cells are manufactured using a process that is completely different from conventional photovoltaic thin-film technology. The production is based upon a printing technology that has been employed for decades in the graphic industry. DSS has found a way to make optimal use of this knowledge and has developed a modified printing process which, when combined with the DSS solar paste, easily produces printed solar cells.

New technologies

Pure solar energy was yesterday, printed solar cells with expanded levels of utilization are here today: Dynamic Solar Systems AG has supported a team of inventors for a number of years whose goal has been to produce solar collectors at a much cheaper price.

There is no need to develop a completely new manufacturing process. The technology can be integrated into existing assembly lines at any time using the modifications developed by DSS.

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The technology

Minimal initial costs:

The costs for the construction of a DSS production line with an annual capacity of >150 MW amount to a fraction of the costs for a traditional manufacturing facility.

Fewer specialized personnel:

15 people including logistic specialists are required to operate a DSS manufacturing facility. The number of people required to run a comparable crystalline or thin-film solar cell production line amounts to about 90.

Inorganic chemistry:

The use of inorganic chemistry and the possibility of making various combinations within the raw materials group allow the DSS solar cells to be independent of price increases within the commodity markets. In comparison: The traditional PV thin-film cell for example is dependent upon certain raw materials such as CIGS. (copper, indium, gallium, sulfur and selenium).

Printable products become solar cells and energy sources:

Printing on a foil or directly on the product allows for numerous application possibilities from laptop surfaces to stadium roofs. Even the retroactive installation using solar foil is possible and economical.

Simple manufacturing process that can be integrated:

Due to the advanced, modified printing process in combination with the DSS printing paste the different printing layers can be integrated at any time into existing manufacturing facilities world-wide with the help of traditional printing technology.

Extraordinary durability:

The DSS solar cells continue to work even when dirty, with minor damage and when partially covered. Each individual section delivers energy independent of the others.

High value efficiency!

The DSS solar cells produce energy with indirect lighting, clouds, artificial lighting, through clouds and even with moon light.

Market Development

The current annual growth for energy production with solar cells has a growth rate in Germany alone of 7,6 gigawatts and again confirms: Germany is the global market leader in the area of solar energy    

Rising tendency

The manufacturing capacity for solar silicon, solar cells and solar modules has greatly expanded in recent years using modern production facilities. The large-scale production alone however cannot guarantee the competitiveness of photovoltaic. Innovations in production methods and new concepts for materials and energy savings are needed.

Market development

Experts are predicting an increase in the demand for energy of almost 60% by 2035. Electricity consumption grows world-wide at an annual rate of 2.2% and in third-world countries even in double digit figures.

The catastrophe in Japan and the world-wide reaction has created a demand for safe, alternative energy sources that has broken all records. The solar energy segment over the last decade was the fastest growing area of the renewable energy market. The long-term annual grown for solar energy is estimated at 22%.

The market of the future

The market in the future for the solar branch is in the emerging economies and developing countries. This is no longer a secret among industry experts and analysts who view these areas as the new top-market for the solar branch in the near future. A market with over two billion people who still have no access to the electricity grid.

DSS can already serve these markets today because the DSS solar cells, even without subvention and promotion, represent an affordable, long-term and self-sustaining investment in a clean and decentralized energy system, especially in developing countries.

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